We want it.

We expect it.

But do we show it? 

Respect is not something we are born with. It is something learned.

Respect is not innate.  
As I sit here I my room, and my children are settling in for the night, I am reflecting on our day. The biggest thing I am remembering is the fun. We had a laid back fun day. That fun however has a large shadow. That shadow is the lack of respect I see around us. 

I watch as people literally walk into others. Children run through the halls at other people. A woman drags a stroller into someone else’s  legs. Strangers giving me looks for “disciplining” my own children (AKA: reminding them of the boundaries we have set). 

It is not just on vacation, but everywhere I look. I see children being bribed by their parents to behave, adults being down right rude to others, and doors being closed in people’s faces. 
Why are we here? What has happened to the fabric of our society if this is “ok”. I cringe every time I see my children do any of these things. We talk to them, tell them, remind them, but do we show them? Do we model these behaviors we are begging them for?
When I take a step back I find that I am constantly demanding my children to do this or do that. I very rarely say please. I know better. I was raised by parents from the south. Manners are expected! For some reason, I don’t say it to my children as much as I should. 
But what do we do to change this? For me personally I have been intentional about displaying manners for my children. For you? Hold the door, offer to help, excuse yourself, slow down! Whatever it is that works for you. Maybe even what you expect respect to look like. Be present in the moment and see the people whom your actions are affecting.  No, not the person you just swore at under your breath. No, not the guy you have a certain finger to for cutting you off. No, not even the person you cut off because they cut you off. Look down. That child sees everything. Takes in everything. Wants to be your everything. Be sure you are the example you want them to lead.