Mama is a Student

I may be mama, but I am also teacher and student. Right now in this season I am beginning my classes for fall semester. 
Starting back to school means that I am learning class room numbers, making sure my text books are correct, and assessing my syllabi to determine if I can manage the course work. 
Sometimes this process means that I decide to drop a class. This semester I am doing that. I had registered for an “online” course however the exams needed to be taken in person during the day, while I am teaching Kindergarten. Well, that doesn’t work. I thought long and hard and decided that the psychology minor is not nearly as important as being a dedicated teacher, and student. 
In life we need to determine what is healthy for us. How much is too much? What can we handle? Where is the line? 
I have decided that the line is here… My children need me, my students need me, and my husband needs me. Not in any particular order. I hate that I am not able to take a full load his semester, however, I know that it is for the best. 
The part that worries me is the instructors who say “wow, you have your hands full!” Why? Because I am finishing my degree and teaching and a mom? Because I admit that I am working hard to finish and keep working? Why do we feel the need to compare each other’s journeys?
We are all individuals. We all work as hard as we can. Why is anyone more driven than anyone else? Let’s face it. Every student in an evening class is there because they work all day. Who chooses to take a class at 7 pm? Someone who has to. Someone who needs to take a class and has to balance work and family and school. 
So professor, I appreciate your sympathy, but we all are driven, we all are working, and we all know how hard this work is!