That race I didn’t run, and the ones I did…

could be worse, but I finished well!
could be worse, but I finished well!

A few months ago I was talking about preparing for a half marathon I didn’t get to run because of not being able to get to the location: stop signs and a few weeks ago I wrote about running a  muderella . On Saturday, I ran a 5K. Not much, but for me, it was tough. I had suffered a twisted ankle in the weeks before the mud race, and over the past three weeks I had bronchitis. I finished a one week round of antibiotics on Thursday, so I had no expectations of doing well at this race. I expected to be at the end, never did I expect to be as strong as I was. I finished a 3.1 mile race in 38:26 minutes. A 12:22.2/mile pace. My fastest ever in a race setting. My happiness stems from this moment:

my longest straight run ever. I didn't keep this pace up, but it was a great way to start!
my longest straight run ever. I didn’t keep this pace up, but it was a great way to start!

So what?

So, I finished a race in the quickest for me time ever. Did I win? no

Did I even do well in my age group? no

Did I even do well for women? no.

Did I finish? Yes

Did I run over 80% of the race? yes

Did my boys see me pushing myself to finish a race? yes

Did I stop? NO

the moral of this story being that no matter how much you go through, you never know what you are capable of until you try. I am registered for a race in December (another 5K) and in May my first half marathon in Boston, and the following weekend, A spartan Sprint race. My intent is to weigh less by then, but my heart says that I am proof to my boys that it doesn’t matter what you look like, it matters what your heart is.

splits show consistency.
splits show consistency.

My heart said, “You got this!” even if my head said,”DO you?” and my body type said, “Haha!” it doesn’t matter.

When we look at ourselves, we have to want the things we say we want. We have to work for them. My body was not prepared to run as fast as I did, and I have paid the price. A strained neck, sore legs, and a pulled back. These are all worth it. They teach me that I need to prepare for the hard parts of life. If I don’t I will get hurt. If I chose to fight without preparation, I may lose. If I prepare however, I may find that I am capable of more than I ever thought!