when the bottom seems to drop

stress can create fractures and eventually explode
stress can create fractures and eventually explode


it is the moment when we feel like the walls are caving in

When it feels like the bottom will drop out of our lives.

There is never a real reason to believe that everything is falling apart.

We do that to ourselves

We put that in our own minds.

We create a life where we believe everything needs to be perfect.

we post on social media

we find activities on Pintrest and then wail over them failing.

We work

We stress

we compair

we judge

we meddle

we obsess

We want to do right by all around us.




That is where the damage is happening.

The shell we create inside crumbles with every blow. This way our outside appears the same.


There goes that test


Your child forgot a homework assignment


Your parents are ill


your car gets a flat


you get in a fight with your coworker


your dinner burns

your laundry is piling up

your house needs to be cleaned

The exterior is fine, but check the structure

It is not withholding the blows.

At some point the foundation crumbles
the bottom falls out

and we tailspin

something as “small” as a tag in our shirt or pants can make every edge of our body itch

so how do we handle it?

do we cry


change our outfit 12 times

clean out an entire room



withdraw from social occasions

forget everything we need to accomplish

or do we find a way to cope

to maneuver our lives to adapt

Whatever we do, we need to recognize that the stress that we create for ourselves can be changed.

we need to learn to pick our schedules carefully

let go of what we don’t need

change what we can

and seek our friends often.

An hour with a friend can change our outlook

not on the phone, or in a text but with a friend.

go to a movie, or a coffee shop, or bring a bottle of wine to a dinner and just enjoy

anchor your hopewhatever we do, we have to remember that even when the walls are caving in, or the bottom is dropping out, we are able to rebuild or restructure by our actions and internal dialog. It is not easy to change those things, but, with time, practice, patience, and even sometimes professional help, we can overcome.