the children I adopted…

As I sat in this audience, we were shown a video of a woman who adopted a child through world vision she spent numerous years writing, sending gifts, and being a part of this girls life. She even was phoned when the girl was asked for her hand in marriage, because she needed both of her moms permission. I cried ugly tears. (it was okay, the room was dark!)

our children

Steve had just settled into accepting an offer with his work for a promotion. a good one, and I was feeling the urge to give back. In this light, I adopted three beautiful children this day.

I may never meet them.

I may never get a phone call about a wedding.

I may never know how their health is, or what they feel about school or their lives.

What I will have is a sense that I do not have three children here in my home, and three children out in the world.

I will worry about them, love them, and wonder about them.

They live in Mauritania, India, and Indonesia. All three are about the same age as my boys. I was wanting a way to give to the world for all I have been given, and these three were the ones who spoke to me. Their ages being the similar to my boys makes it an opportunity¬† for them to see the world through someone else’ eyes. Pen-pals, siblings, friends…they can be a part of each others lives.

I was able to sponsor them through worldvision.

It is a monthly gift  of $39 per child. and I felt like I needed each of my boys to have a friend who has so much less than they do.

These boys of mine will know that they are blessed, and they will have a heart for helping those who have different blessings. The will give to others, they will support the poor, they will act out their faith, instead of preaching it, because that is the example we are trying to set for them. I hope we are doing a good job, but what I do know, is we have made the world a little easier for three young ones.

gifts to give

We will be giving gifts to children in need as presents to their teachers because well, a teacher can only use so many mugs, but giving a child and their family a gift of chickens or rabbits to start a family business or even eat is worth so much more.

Please consider helping a child who needs your love and support.

A word of scripture to remind me and you that we are forgiven the greatest thing to be grateful for:

You will again have compassion on us;

you will tread our sins underfoot

and hurl all our iniquities into the depths of the sea. Micah 7:19


I know this blog post is unlike any other, but it is my heart, on screen, for you to judge.