The post thanksgiving grind

So, after a great thanksgiving meal, I am feeling full.

thanksgiving mealI only ate one plate full of food, and only took small portions. I am proud of me. I am six sessions into my new workout routine, and I must say, I am not willing to sacrifice my hard work with my workouts by eating like crap.

One of my main forms of working out has been running and yoga. recently I upped the anti by starting training with a cross-fit trainer. We meet twice a week, and she has pushed me to be better.

I am making healthier choices with eating, drinking my water, and I am not missing workouts.

workout grind
my latest workouts…

I am trying hard to be consistent in between. In the next year I have a half marathon, two or three spartan races, at least one 5k, and a Mudderella.

The gear I use to run is helpful to keep me safe and injury free!

The workout outfit

The details of my workout outfit.


All of the details

A. A headlamp for those night time runs. Given to me by my best friend. It is awesome at this time of year when the sun seems to disappear sooner.

B. My road ID which I pay for premium service to have online access for emergency service personnel if something were to happen to me on a run, or even in a car accident.

C. My belt for my Epipen, My ID, some cash, and my inhaler. Found at fitletic

D.My iPhone with my runkeeper app. It helps me stay on track, and allows me to keep a record of my runs and my stats. I even have pocket track active which means if my phone is on me, and I don’t put runkeeper on it will still track my movement.

E.My fitbit helps me stay on track with my daily step goal, and it monitors my heart rate so I know where my fitness level is at, and how I am sleeping.

F.My Qalo ring is a silicone ring that I can wear when I work out to protect my diamond and platinum wedding band from damage while I work out with weights. It also comes off easily when my hands swell during  a run.

G.My running headband from my sister. This is truth: hippie runner says it best : I love running: I hate running!

H. My socks from C9 and my shoes from New Balance help my feet feel comfortable and allow me to run or work out without worry of my ankles rolling, and my feet being comfortable!


After my workout I know I need to stretch and massage to prevent injury.


workout stretch
post workout stretch



I find that dedication before the big day has allowed me to be wiser about my food choices, and to be wiser about the reality of what I need to succeed!



What have you decided to do to keep yourself honest?

Hire a trainer?


Change your Food?


Be better about your water intake?


or all of thee above!?!


Whatever you have decided too do, do it for you, be committed, and understand that you are worth the change!

So what are you waiting for?!?!?





Cruel Devil Music – a play on words

When you have a child that has struggled with everything external, you rejoice when others “get” them.

We have a tradition in our family of listening to “iTunes” radio while we drive. It means we are not listening to the same music over and over, and we often find new favorite songs. Last school year we had a 45 minute drive to and from school. With three boys in the car mama had to find some way to stay sane.

a pixilated picture of his music...
a pixilated picture of his music…
My boys loved listening to Disney radio on iTunes radio because they knew most of the songs. We would play “Name that tune” and try to guess the name of the song, or the movie the song was from, or what character sang it, or what was happening in the movie/show at that time. My oldest really enjoyed when Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians came on. He would talk about how great that would sound if he could play it. He said it sounded like a really tough piece to play. I encouraged him to ask his teacher. Last year he did not believe he could ask her, or play it. This year, I again encouraged him, and he went for it. One month into lessons, his teacher found the sheet music for him. He has loved learning it, and has until June to perfect it as he and she have already decided he will do it for the recital.

Why is this important?

Because my oldest has sensory integration disorder, and the fact that he can even play piano is wonderful. the sound was a sound that bothered him years ago.  Also because his teacher takes in his sometimes quirky requests and embraces them. She knows her students and is always willing to find a way to make learning piano interesting for them. This means that my boys enjoy piano lessons and practice because they love the music they are playing.

Music is so important for learning because it is a whole other dimension for my boys. They get to use many senses all at once to create music. They are learning a skill they will never regret by learning to read music. I feel that they are learning to become better thinkers as the problem solving music involves, the quick thinking, and the physical repetition helps them to grow. I also enjoy hearing them play as I know how hard it can be, and I am amazed at what they are capable of.

The have other skills as well. They run track, and cross country, read books, color/create, do origami, and play video games (full disclosure),  but we often forget that there are other dimensions to learning. We need to remember that their interests are important to encouraging continued growth. They can grow from the opportunities we present them.




All of these help our children to grow…all of them.

And for your viewing pleasure, my oldest attempting to play this very difficult piece. Practice makes perfect only if we keep correcting and trying!

I wrote a book!

It was an assignment for class, but I wanted to do it really well.

So, I wrote a book.

I wrote the book using my dog as inspiration and creating a fictional story.
I wrote the book using my dog as inspiration and creating a fictional story.

It was a quick adventure, but I hope it will not be my last.

I started with an idea.

My dog

Silly, but I started to write about my dog liking the fall.

I edited my words after finding actual pictures of my dog.

I ended up with all of the seasons.

There is a website that allows you to create, upload, print, and even sell your own books!

So I downloaded the software, and I went to town.

I never in a million years thought that I would be writing a book.

Then I brought the book to school and other teachers said it was cute.

Then I showed my boys.

the start of her journey!
the start of her journey!

They want to read it over and over.

seriously on iBooks store!
seriously on iBooks store!

So, I made it available for purchase. This website which prints actually sets the pricing. So if you want to take a look, feel free. You can preview a few pages, or just take the plunge and buy it!

I hope you like it! Be looking for more in the future!

You can purchase it in several formats here:

my book!

iBooks store!

Thank you!

FULL DISCLOSURE: If you do purchase a book, I will receive compensation for it. The website I used has given me nothing in return, and I have not been compensated for this post directly from the website.